Extra Curricular After School Clubs

The learning doesn’t stop when the end of the day bell rings! Our Active Ways Extra Curricular after school clubs allow children to enhance their sporting skills and participate in planned sports clubs and fun filled games!

Curricular PE Lessons & PPA Cover

Finding ways to cover PPA presents schools with a number of different challenges. Active Ways are able to provide a range of activities that develop children’s self-esteem, motor skills and advance personal health and fitness. No planning is required by teachers, we deliver our own PE scheme, which follows National Curriculum guidelines.

Lunchtime Activities

Lunchtime is a great opportunity for children to have fun with their friends in the playground! Active Ways can ensure the kids have an enjoyable time whilst incorporating exercise. Structured sports can be devised and overseen by an Active Ways team member during this period of the school day.


1 To 1 Behaviour Management

It is common for children to find themselves more focused during one to one lessons. These will be custom to the pupil’s own personal interests and hobbies, which can incorporate academic puzzles and problem solving relating to sport.